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Protected Fielders and Batter Interference

Batter Interference Batters and runners need to understand when a fielder is “protected.” Simply stated, it means the batter or runner should “stay away” and “avoid” the fielder when he is making a play. This includes fly balls as well as ground balls. In general, I think runners are aware that they must avoid an […]

Official Rules of Major League Baseball

5.04 (b) (6.02) The Batter’s Box

5.04 (b) (6.02) The Batter’s Box (1) The batter shall take his position in the batter’s box promptly when it is his time at bat. (2) The batter shall not leave his position in the batter’s box after the pitcher comes to Set Position, or starts his windup. PENALTY: If the pitcher pitches, the umpire […]

Umpire Interpretations of Major League Baseball
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7. BATTER’S POSITION IN BATTER’S BOX Rules 5.04(b)(5), 6.03(a)(1) [former Rules 6.03, 6.06]: When the batter assumes a batting stance in the batter’s box, he shall have both feet entirely within the batter’s box; i.e., no part of either foot may extend beyond the outer edge of the lines defining the box when the batter […]