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A whole lot of bumping going on

Runner on first, no outs. Lazy infield popup down first base line. First baseman and pitcher converge but it seems like it’s a play for the first baseman. As the batter-runner approaches first, he and the pitcher slightly bump which causes the batter-runner to lose his balance and fall. The pitcher also loses his balance […]

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Game Ends in Appeal

Sunday’s Reds-D’Backs game in Arizona ended in controversy as it involved a rare double appeal to end the inning and a misinterpretation of the rules by the umpires. With the score tied 3-3 in the bottom of the tenth inning, the D’Backs had the bases loaded with one out when Chris Owings hit a shot […]

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Is the Pitcher in the Stretch or Full Wind-up?

A rare balk reversal in the Padres-Rockies game on Sunday at Coors Field led to the ejection of Padres manager Pat Murphy. It involved Rockies pitcher Chris Rusin whose pitching style is controversial to say the least. My comments will follow the article that was written by Corey Brock.  Murphy ejected after balk call is […]

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The Legend of Fred Merkle Lives On

The legend of Fred Merkle lives in on in yet another baserunning faux pas that affected the outcome of the game. This one occurred in a New York-Penn League Single-A matchup between the State College Spikes (St. Louis Cardinals) and the West Virginia Black Bears (Pittsburgh Pirates) on Sunday. The Spikes were celebrating what appeared […]

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Umpire Hit by Batted Ball

The Angels hosted the A’s on April 21. In the bottom of the sixth, the Angels had Johnny Giavotella on first base when Kole Calhoun hit a shot that hit second base Mike Winters who was positioned on the infield side of second base. This was a classic umpire interference violation. “Time” was called and […]

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Obstruction – Type A and Type B

One of the most interesting plays of the 2015 season occurred in the top of the fourth inning of the Padres-D’Backs game in Arizona on Sunday (May 10). The Padres had Wil Myers on first base with one out when Justin Upon singled to right field. As Myers was approaching second base, he appeared to […]

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When a Fielder Makes a Throw into a Dead Ball Area

Your typical base awards for runners on infielder overthrows that go into dead ball territory are two bases from their position at the time of the pitch. But don’t fall asleep. There are other base awards that emerge on infielder overthrows into DBT that depend on “first” and “second” plays in the infield. A rare […]

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Spectator Interference

When spectator interference occurs, the umpires have the authority to place the batter and the runners at any base they judge would have been made had there been no interference. It’s possible that the umpires will award two bases to one runner while awarding only one base to another runner or the batter. The umpires […]