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HBP When Bunting

When a batter is hit by a pitch while attempting to bunt, the umpire should first call “time.” If the umpire judges the batter offered at the pitch, he will call a strike on the batter and all runners return to their base. If he judges the batter did not offer at the pitch, it is a HBP (hit by pitch).

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Foul Tip or Foul Ball

It is important to know the difference between a foul tip and foul ball. A foul tip is a pith that touches the bat and goes directly into a catcher’s hand or glove. The ball remains alive ad runners can attempt to advance at their own risk. A foul ball is a pitch that touches the bat and is not caught by the catcher. The ball is dead and all runners must return to their base.

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Bunt on a Wild Pitch

When a batter is in a bunting position with his bat extended over the plate and the pitcher delivers a wild pitch nowhere near the strike zone but the batter never pulls the bat back, is it a strike on the batter? No, it is a strike on the batter only if he makes an attempt to make contact with the pitch. Sometimes the home plate umpire will need to ask a base umpire for help to determine if the batter actually attempted to make contact with the pitch.

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Batter Touches Foul Ball

Can a batter be called out for touching a foul ball? The answer is yes. If a batter intentionally touches a foul ball that has a chance to be fair in an effort to keep the ball foul, he is ruled out and all runners return to their previous base.