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The Batting Order

Batting Order: [Official Rule 5.04(a)]

Batter Order: [Little League Rule 6.01]

Setting the Order
The sequence in which each batter takes his at-bat is established by the batting order. Each manager presents a lineup card to the umpire before the game that provides the sequence starting players will take in their at-bats. The lineup card will also indicate players eligible as substitutes. Each team’s lineup card is shared with the opposing manager or coach, at which point the batting order becomes “final.”

This batting order is followed through the entire game, with any substitutes taking the slot of the player he replaced. At the start of each inning, the batting order picks up where it left off in the previous inning.

Batting order infractions are among the most misinterpreted rules in baseball. With a little logic and careful scorekeeping, any batting order problem can be solved. At the beginning of the game each team manager gives his lineup to the home plate umpire. From then on, the home plate umpire owns the lineups and any changes to those lineups must be noted by him.


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