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The Dangerous Batter-Runner First Baseman Collision

You might recall in my spring training presentation that I strongly endorsed the idea of having the first baseman (or second baseman) who is taking the throw from the catcher or the pitcher in the bunt area, to take the throw from a stretch position to the fair side of the foul line to avoid […]

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All players on the defensive team except the catcher must be positioned in fair territory at the time of pitch. The first baseman normally is the player who might violate this rule while holding a runner on base. There is no penalty for this violation and the umpire should direct the defensive player back into fair territory before play continues.

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Unusual Ways a Batter is Awarded 1B

Catcher Interference The most common type of catcher’s interference occurs when the batter swings and his bat makes contact with the catcher’s mitt. The batter becomes a runner and is entitled to first base without liability to be put out provided he advances to and touches first base when the catcher or any fielder interferes […]