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Batted Ball Deflects off Pitcher and Umpire on Same Play

The Dayton Dragons (Reds) played the South Bend Cubs in a Class A Midwest League game this past August.  With a runner on first base, the batter hit a shot that deflected off the pitcher before striking the second base umpire. The ball then rolled to the shortstop near second base. The shortstop fielded the […]

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Wainwright Loses Glove During Tag Attempt

Perhaps the weirdest tag play in a long time occurred in the Mets-Cardinals game played in St. Louis on Thursday night. With one out in the fifth inning, Mets’ first baseman James Loney popped a ball into short left field that landed just out of the reach of Greg Garcia. Yoenis Cespedes, the runner on first base, […]

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Can a Fielder Block a Base?

In the July 24 Blue Jays-Mariners game in Seattle, Jays catcher Dioner Navarro picked off Brad Miller at third base. There was some question whether or not Jays third baseman Josh Donaldson obstructed the runner’s path to the base. If you view the play, you will notice that Donaldson blocked the base with his knee […]