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The Appeal Process: Keep Continuous Action and Keep the Force Alive

I have advocated that when possible, the defensive team should make the appeal before “Time” is called. They should keep continuous action. The defensive team should go right to the base/bases, or tag the offending runner/runners when appealing. There is no reason to get the ball to the pitcher unless the ball is in dead […]

Insider Report

Carrasco Delivers an Illegal Pitch

The Mariners hosted the Indians on June 8, 2016. Kyle Seager was batting in the bottom of the fourth with a 1-2 count, two outs and the bases empty when he grounded out 3 unassisted. But the crew (Mike Muchlinski, John Hirschbeck, D.J.Reyburn and Bill Welke) met and, after about three minutes of discussion, correctly called […]