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Are Laces Part of the Glove?

Anderson Tags Runner with Glove’s Laces The Twins and White Sox played at Target Field on April 12. In the bottom of the third, the Twins had Byron Buxton on first with no outs when he attempted to steal second base. White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson made the apparent tag on Buxton, who was called […]

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Holliday Interference?

Red Sox manager John Farrell protested the Red Sox 16-inning, 4-1 loss to the Yankees on Saturday, July 15, 2017, at Fenway Park. Here is what happened. In the top of the 11th inning, the Yankees had Matt Holliday at first base and no outs when Jacoby Ellsbury chopped a ball to first baseman Mitch Moreland, who […]

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Tagging Runners Out

Tags can occur when a fielder either touches a base in a force out situation, or touches a runner while in possession of the ball. Much like the rules surrounding catches, the ball must be “securely and firmly in the hand or glove” when a tag is applied for an out to take effect. In […]

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Pitcher Throws to Uncovered Base

Cubs manager Joe Maddon was ejected in the bottom of the fourth inning by first base umpire Adam Hamari in the afternoon game of a day/night double header in Cincinnati. The commotion was the result of a balk call made by Hamari on Cubs pitcher Kyle Hendricks that sent Reds’ runner Tucker Barnhart to second […]