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Tagging Runners Out

Tags can occur when a fielder either touches a base in a force out situation, or touches a runner while in possession of the ball. Much like the rules surrounding catches, the ball must be “securely and firmly in the hand or glove” when a tag is applied for an out to take effect.

In the case of a force out situation, the fielder must be in total possession of the ball before the batter or runner reaches the base. For tag-outs on a player, they must be applied before the runner touches the base. In either instances, dropped or bobbled balls will not constitute “secure possession.”

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Holding the Tag on the Runner

Instant replay has changed the way major league fielders apply a tag to a runner sliding into a base. In the past, umpires would rule a runner safe if he beat the tag. Now, if the fielder holds the tag on the runner and during a pop up slide, over slide, etc., ever leaves contact with the base, the runner can be called out. Read about it in the Insider Report.