6.06 Batter Illegal Action


6.06 Batter Illegal Action

A batter is out for illegal action when –

(a) hitting the ball with one or both feet on the ground entirely outside the batter’s box.
A.R.— If a batter hits a ball fair or foul while out of the batter’s box, he/ she shall be called out.

(b) stepping from one batter’s box to the other while the pitcher is in position ready to pitch;

(c) interfering with the catcher’s fielding or throwing by:

  1. stepping out of the batter’s box, or;
  2. making any other movement that hinders the catcher’s actions at home plate or the catcher’s attempt to play on a runner, or;
  3. failing to make a reasonable effort to vacate a congested area when there is a throw to home plate and there is time for the batter to move away.
    EXCEPTION: Batter is not out if any runner attempting to advance is retired, or if runner trying to score is called out for batter’s interference.

(d) The batter enters the batter’s box with one or both feet entirely on the ground with an illegal bat (see bat specifications rule 1.10) or is discovered having used an illegal bat prior to the next player entering the batter’s box.
NOTE: If the infraction is discovered before the next player enters the batter’s box following the turn at bat of the player who used an illegal bat:

  1. The manager of the defense may advise the plate umpire of a decision to decline the penalty and accept the play. Such election shall be made immediately at the end of the play.
  2. For the first violation, the offensive team will lose one eligible adult base coach for the duration of the game. A.R.— Any of the three adults in the dugout may be used as the one adult base coach at any time during the duration of the game.
  3. For the second violation, the manager of the team will be ejected from the game. Any subsequent violation will result in the newly designated manager being ejected. A.R.— When an illegal bat is discovered, it MUST be removed from the game at that point.


July 18, 2019
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