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Baseball Rules Academy exists to simplify this crazy game. If you’ve ever seen an umpire rule book, you’ll appreciate the convenience of this baseball resource. There are quirks at every level of this game, from MLB to Little League. And understanding them will help you become a true baseball expert.

Whether you are a coach, a parent, or an umpire, you’re better off knowing the rules of baseball. Avoid being the coach or fan arguing a call without a clue.

Baseball Rules Academy is the easy way to learn the rules of baseball!

  • Instant Baseball Rules Search – immediately find the baseball rule you’re looking for.
  • Video – high quality videos visually illustrate every rule.
  • Insider Reports – countless case studies of MLB plays with video, including famous plays in history and some that just happened! Insiders enjoy a resource that’s not publicly available.
  • User Forums – ask a real professional umpire your baseball question.
  • Rules news – to update you on the latest changes in baseball rules, at any level.
  • Rule of the Week – newsletter emailed to you weekly.
  • Quizzes, Tests, Accreditation – enroll in Baseball Rules Academy and earn points as you quickly learn the rules of baseball.
  • Baseball rules, all of them, in one place – Baseball Rules Academy hosts the rules of baseball, at every level.

This site is a must for umpires, coaches, and parents of little leaguers. Whatever happens on the baseball field, you can immediately find your answer here.

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