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The World Baseball Classic Rules Worth Knowing

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The World Baseball Classic begins Monday, March 6, so it is time for us to understand the rules, at least the important ones. Since the WBC is a product of close cooperation and negotiation between Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association, there are plenty of rules for everyone. Most of the “non-game” rules…

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2024 MLB Universal Ground Rules

Topics: Ground Rules

Listed below are the Official MLB Universal Ground Rules for the 2024 Season. Courtesy of MLB UNIVERSAL GROUND RULES The following Ground Rules are to be uniform across all 30 Major League ballparks. The Ground Rules listed below will not be listed on the individual ballparks Ground Rules, but will be in effect at all…

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Topics: Umpire, Umpire Manual Rules

CONTENTS I. On-Field Attitude . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1 II. Medical, Conditioning, and Rehabilitation . ….

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MLB Postseason Riddled with Rules Controversies

Topics: Batter, Batter Interference, Catcher, Interference, Runner Interference

  Why Didn’t Dusty Baker Protest Follow-Through Interference? Did Yankees Gary Sanchez Violate a Rule on the Final Out of the Game? Was that Interference on Carlos Correa that Allowed the Winning Run to Score?   Expert Rules Analysis Here CONTROVERSY #1 In the most important game played by the Nationals all year long could…

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Runner Called Out for Running Out of the Baseline

Topics: Batter Runner

The Guardians and Royals played in Kansas City on June 27, 2024. In the bottom of the fifth, the Royals had Nick Loftin on second base and Hunter Renfroe at bat with two outs when Renfroe hit a ground ball to José Ramírez at third base. Ramirez did not think he had a play at…

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2024 MLB Replay Review Regulations

Topics: Replay Review

Listed below are the official MLB Replay Review Regulations for the 2024 Season. Courtesy of MLB Replay Review Regulations On-Field Regulation 2-12 I. Overview Video replay review in Major League Baseball (hereafter, “Replay Review”) is designed to provide timely review of certain disputed calls in all Championship Season, All-Star and Post- Season games played in…

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MLB Rules Questions and Answer September 2023

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On-Deck Interference? QUESTION: In the Pirates-Cubs game on September 19, 2023, interference was called on the on-deck batter. Was that the proper call? Can you explain what happened? ANSWER: The Pirates and Cubs played at Wrigley on September 19, 2023 In the bottom of the sixth, Patrick Wisdom was batting with the bases empty and one…


Rule 7.00 – Rules of Play

7.01     Playing Field, Equipment & Safety:     7.01.A The playing field shall be laid out according to the recommended dimensions contained within these rules. (Chart 7.01.A-1)     7.01.B For details on field layout including recommended direction of play, fair and foul territory requirements, infield and outfield grades, pitcher’s mound height and slope,…


Rule 13.00 – Safety Rules

13.01 FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL CONCUSSION LAWS: USSSA, as a sanctioning body of athletic events, shares the concerns being raised on a national and local level regarding concussions and concussion symptoms in participants, coaches/managers and umpires/referees in USSSA sanctioned activities. USSSA encourages its directors, umpires, coaches, referees, teams, team managers, and all adults involved in…

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July 2023 Rules Question and Answer #2

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Play No. 1 QUESTION: Look at this video from a minor league game and tell me why the outfielder did not get credit for a catch after he carried the ball several feet. Instead, the batter was credited with a home run? Click on the link below. ANSWER: This outfielder wasn’t credited with a catch…

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