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Rule 13.00 – Safety Rules

13.01 FEDERAL, STATE AND LOCAL CONCUSSION LAWS: USSSA, as a sanctioning body of athletic events, shares the concerns being raised on a national and local level regarding concussions and concussion symptoms in participants, coaches/managers and umpires/referees in USSSA sanctioned activities. USSSA encourages its directors, umpires, coaches, referees, teams, team managers, and all adults involved in…


Rule 7.00 – Rules of Play

7.01     Playing Field, Equipment & Safety:     7.01.A The playing field shall be laid out according to the recommended dimensions contained within these rules. (Chart 7.01.A-1)     7.01.B For details on field layout including recommended direction of play, fair and foul territory requirements, infield and outfield grades, pitcher’s mound height and slope,…


NFHS Rules Index

Abbreviations: Player Positions   2-1 Rule Book Play   2-1-1, 2-1-2, 2-1-3 Accident to Player or Umpire   3-1-5, 3-1-6, 5-2-1d, 10-1-6, 10-2-3k Announcements: By Umpires   10-2-3 Appeals: Improper Batter   7-1-2a, b, e Half Swing   10-1-4(a) On Runner   8-2-3 Penalty On Umpire Decision   10-1-4 Assists   9-5-3 At Bat   2-39, 9-3-1a, 9-7-1 Averages   9-7-2 Awards   1-5-3, 2-2-1, 5-1-3, 5-2-1f, 5-2-2c, 8-1-1e Note 1, 8-1-2, 8-2-6, 8-3 Balk: Acts Which Result in   6-1-1, 2, 3 Pen, 6-1-4, 6-2-1…


4.05 (3.13) Special Ground Rules

The manager of the home team shall present to the umpire-in-chief and the opposing manager any ground rules he thinks necessary covering the overflow of spectators upon the playing field, batted or thrown balls into such overflow, or any other contingencies. If these rules are acceptable to the opposing manager they shall be legal. If these rules are unacceptable to…


9.01 Official Scorer (General Rules)

(a) The Office of the Commissioner, with respect to Major League games, and the Minor League President, with respect to Minor League games, shall appoint an Official Scorer for each league championship, post-season or all-star game. The Official Scorer shall observe the game from a position in the press box, in permanent assigned seating as…


NCAA 4-5 Ground Rules

Ground Rules SECTION 5. A local ground rule may be adopted where unusual conditions prevail if agreeable with the visiting team. No ground rule shall conflict with the official playing rules. Where the teams do not agree, ground rules shall be determined by the umpires. It is recommended that ground rules be posted in each…

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The World Baseball Classic Rules Worth Knowing

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The World Baseball Classic begins Monday, March 6, so it is time for us to understand the rules, at least the important ones. Since the WBC is a product of close cooperation and negotiation between Major League Baseball and the MLB Players Association, there are plenty of rules for everyone. Most of the “non-game” rules…


Definition of Terms

ADJUDGED is a judgment decision by the umpire. An APPEAL is the act of a fielder in claiming violation of the rules by the offensive team. A BALK is an illegal act by the pitcher with a runner or runners on base, entitling all runners to advance one base. A BALL is a pitch which…


Rule 3.00 – Individual Player & Team Eligibility

3.01 Age Based with Grade Exceptions Divisions: 4U Division Players who turn 5 prior to May 1 of the current season are not eligible unless they are in Pre-Kindergarten-4. Also, any player turning 6 prior to August 1 will not be eligible. Players who are 4u are eligible for this division regardless of their grade….

RulesLittle League

2.00 Definition of Terms

(All definitions in Rule 2.00 are listed alphabetically) ADJUDGED is a judgment decision by an umpire. An APPEAL is an act of a fielder in claiming a violation of the rules by the offensive team. An AT-BAT, for the purposes of meeting the requirements of Mandatory Play (if applicable), is when a batter assumes the…

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