NCAA 1-3 Boxes—Batters’, Catcher’s, Etc.

NCAA 1-3 Boxes—Batters’, Catcher’s, Etc.

SECTION 3. Batters’ boxes, catcher’s box, coaches’ boxes, next batter’s box and the 3-foot first base restraining line shall be laid out in accordance with the diagram. All lines must be marked with chalk or nonburning white material and must be 2 to 3 inches in width. The line is inside the diamond proper at first and third base. The outside edge of the line should correspond with the outside edge of the base.

a. Before a contest, it is mandatory to line all four sides of the 4-foot-by-6 foot batter’s box as shown in the diagram above. At the time of the pitch, the batter shall have both feet inside the batter’s box.

b. It is mandatory that the catcher’s box be lined as shown in the diagram above.

c. It is mandatory to line or differentiate both coaches’ boxes 20 feet by 5 feet and 15 feet from the foul line as shown in the diagram on page 11. At the time of the pitch, the base coach may not be closer to the foul line than the inside edge of the coaches’ box and no closer to home plate than the front edge of the box.

PENALTY—Warning on the first offense; an additional violation shall result in the coach being ejected.

d. It is recommended that the first and third base lines be skinned 15 inches inside of the base line (no more than 36 inches) and 36 inches outside of each base line.

April 18, 2020
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