NCAA 10-1 Scorer’s Duties

NCAA 10-1 Scorer’s Duties

Scorer’s Duties

SECTION 1.     a. The home team, conference commissioner or tournament director shall appoint an official scorer before each game. The scorer shall have sole authority to make all decisions involving judgment. He shall communicate such decisions to both teams and all members of the news media present.

b. The official scorer should sit in the press box or stands (if no press box) and not near or in a dugout.

c. The official scorer shall exercise his function based on the following:

1) To achieve uniformity in keeping the records of collegiate games, the scorer shall conform strictly to the NCAA Baseball Rules. The scorer shall have authority to rule on any point not covered specifically in these rules;

2) If the teams change sides before three outs are made, the scorer immediately shall inform the umpire of the mistake;

3) If the game is protested or halted, the scorer shall make note of the exact situation at that time, including the score, number of outs, position of any runners and the count on the batter;

Note: It is important that a halted game resume with exactly the same situation as existed at the time of suspension. If a protested game is ordered replayed from the point of protest, it must be resumed with exactly the situation that existed before the protested play.

4) The scorer shall not make any decision that conflicts with the NCAA Baseball Rules or an umpire’s decision; and

5) The scorer shall not call the attention of the umpire or any member of either team to the fact that a player is batting out of turn.

November 12, 2019
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