NCAA 10-9 Run Batted In

NCAA 10-9 Run Batted In

Run Batted In

SECTION 9. A run batted in is credited to the batter when a runner scores because of a base hit (including batter scoring on a home run); a sacrifice bunt or sacrifice fly; any putout; a forced advance, such as a base on balls or batter being hit by a pitch; or an error, provided there are fewer than two outs and the action is such that the runner on third base would have scored even if there had been no error. Scorer’s judgment must determine whether a run batted in shall be credited for a run that scores when a fielder holds the ball or throws to the wrong base. Ordinarily, if the runner keeps going, credit a run batted in; if the runner stops and takes off again when he notices the misplay, credit the run as scored on a fielder’s choice.

Exception—It is not a run batted in if the batter grounds into a force double play or a reverse-force double play or when a fielder is charged with an error because he muffs a throw at first base that would have completed a force double play.

November 12, 2019
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