NCAA 3-3 Base Coach

NCAA 3-3 Base Coach

Base Coach

SECTION 3. A base coach is an eligible team member, head coach or assistant coach who occupies the coach’s box at first or third base to direct the batter or runner.

a. A base coach must be in the same type and color of uniform, including the team outer (warm-up) jacket, as the team’s players.

b. At the time of the pitch, the base coach may not be closer to the foul line than the inside edge of the coaches’ box and no closer to home plate than the front edge of the box (see also Rule 2-6, Base Coach). A coach may leave the coach’s box to signal the player to slide or advance or return to a base as long as the individual does not interfere with the play.

c. Base coaches may address only their team members.

d. A base coach may not use language that will reflect negatively upon the players, umpires or spectators.

PENALTY for b., c. and d.—Ejection from game after a warning.

e. A base coach may not physically assist a runner in returning to or leaving the base.

Note: Other runners may make outs or advance on the bases.

f. A base coach may not leave the box or act in a manner to draw a throw by a fielder or distract the pitcher.

PENALTY for e. and f.—A delayed dead ball shall be called. At the conclusion of the play, the assisted runner shall be declared out.

October 14, 2019
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