NCAA 4-4 Pregame Meeting

NCAA 4-4 Pregame Meeting

Pregame Meeting

SECTION 4. Ten minutes before the scheduled starting time, the umpire in-chief shall conduct the pregame meeting with the representatives of the opposing teams. The head coach, during the first game of a weekend series or any non-conference game, must attend the pregame plate conference. During this meeting, the umpire-in-chief shall:

a. Receive from the home team and visiting team their respective batting orders, in duplicate. The umpire will determine that the copies are identical, keep one copy and give the other copy to the opposing team’s representative. The umpire now is officially in charge of the game, and the lineups are official;

Note: If a team’s lineup does not include all nine players (and the pitcher if a designated hitter is used), the umpire should call this to the attention of the coach. If a player’s jersey number does not match the number on the official lineup, the umpire shall ensure that the number on all cards is corrected. Lineup cards are required to list the batting order by names. Numbers are a courtesy. There is no penalty.

b. Review the ground rules and any rules questions asked by the coaches; and

c. Receive confirmation from the head coach or his representative that playing equipment meets NCAA rules and regulations.

October 14, 2019
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