NCAA 5-15 Game Misconduct

NCAA 5-15 Game Misconduct

Game Misconduct

SECTION 15.     a. Unsportsmanlike-Conduct Rule. No coach, player or team shall at any time, whether from the bench, the coaches’ box or on the playing field, or elsewhere:

1) Incite or attempt to incite, by word, sign or actions that dispute an umpire’s decision and potentially incites a demonstration by spectators;

2) Call “Time” or employ any other word or phrase or commit any act while the ball is in play for the obvious purpose of trying to make the pitcher commit a balk or disrupt the pitcher’s delivery. If a balk or illegal pitch is committed or if the pitch is called a “ball,” the call shall be nullified;

3) Take a position in the batter’s line of vision, and with deliberate unsportsmanlike intent, act in a manner to distract the batter.

    PENALTY for (1), (2), (3)—The offender shall be ejected from the contest. After an ejection, an additional one-game suspension is added.

4) No team personnel may continue to argue or to continue to excessively express themselves with prolonged actions or offensive language after an ejection.

    PENALTY for (4)—An additional two-game suspension is added to any other penalties (See 2-26-h). 5) In the case of a National Anthem standoff between the two teams, any umpire shall eject any player, coach, manager or team personnel for violations of the Coaching and Players’ Code of Ethics.

    PENALTY for (5) The umpire-in-chief is to warn the head coach of the offending team(s) that should any player or team personnel not return to the dugout area immediately after the playing of the National Anthem, the head coach and offending person(s) will be ejected immediately. Note: This is a sportsmanship issue.

b. Coaches-Misconduct Rule. Misconduct is any act of unsportsmanlike conduct or unprofessional behavior that discredits intercollegiate athletics or the game. Specifically, a coach shall not remove the team from the field or refuse to continue play due to a dispute with game officials.

    PENALTY—The coach shall be suspended for the team’s next two scheduled contests. The umpire-in-chief is responsible for reporting this act to the institution’s director of athletics, the conference commissioner, if applicable, and the NCAA staff liaison to the Baseball Rules Committee.

Conferences and institutions may choose to implement additional penalties for misconduct.

October 21, 2019
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