Rule 10 – Section 1 – GENERAL

Rule 10 – Section 1 – GENERAL

10-1-1   Game officials include the umpire-in-chief and one, two, three or more field umpires. Whenever possible, at least two umpires are recommended. Any umpire has the authority to order a player, coach or team attendant to do or refrain from doing anything that affects the administration of these rules and to enforce prescribed penalties.

10-1-2   Umpire jurisdiction begins upon the umpires arriving at the field (within the confines of the field) and ends when the umpires leave the playing field at the conclusion of the game.

10-1-3   If there is only one umpire, he has complete jurisdiction in administering the rules and he may take any position he desires, preferably behind the catcher.

10-1-4   Any umpire’s decision which involves judgment, such as whether a hit is fair or foul, whether a pitch is a strike or a ball, or whether a runner is safe or out, is final. But if there is reasonable doubt about some decision being in conflict with the rules, the coach or captain may ask that the correct ruling be made. The umpire making the decision may ask another umpire for information before making a final decision. No umpire shall criticize or interfere with another umpire’s decision unless asked by the one making it.

a.   The umpire-in-chief sometimes asks for aid from the base umpire when there is a question as to whether a batter’s “half swing” is such as to be called a strike. As an aid in deciding, the umpire may note whether the swing carried the barrel of the bat past the body of the batter, but final decision is based on whether the batter actually struck at the ball.

10-1-5   The use of videotape or equipment by game officials for the purpose of making calls or rendering decisions is prohibited.

10-1-6   No umpire may be replaced during a game unless he becomes ill or is injured. His right to disqualify players or to remove non-players for objecting to decisions or for unsportsmanlike conduct is absolute. Ejections will be made at the end of playing action.

10-1-7   Casts, splints and braces may be worn, if padded. Umpires may wear prostheses and use mobility devices.

10-1-8   Umpires shall not use tobacco or tobacco-like products on or in the vicinity of the playing field.

10-1-9   Umpires shall wear gray slacks, and navy pullover shirt or state association-adopted shirt.

October 6, 2019
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