Rule 2 – Section 10 – CONFERENCES

Rule 2 – Section 10 – CONFERENCES

2-10-1   A charged conference is a meeting which involves the coach or his non-playing representative and a player or players of the team. Defensive – See 3-4-1; Offensive – See 3-4-2.

2-10-2   A pregame conference is a meeting involving the umpires, both head coaches and team captains (if available) near home plate. The meeting should begin approximately five minutes prior to the game. The purpose of the pregame conference is to exchange and check each team’s lineup cards and to discuss ground rules. Umpires also shall ask the head coaches of the two opposing teams if their players are legally and properly equipped. In addition, the expectation of good sporting behavior is shared with both teams and representatives (4-1-3a). Both teams shall remain in their dugout (bench) or bullpen area until this meeting has concluded.

October 6, 2019
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