Rule 2 – Section 14 – FIELDER’S CHOICE


Rule 2 – Section 14 – FIELDER’S CHOICE

2-13-1   A fielder’s choice is the act of a fielder with a live ball, who elects to throw for an attempted putout or to retire unassisted any runner or batter-runner, thus permitting the advance of another runner(s). The scorer decides whether the batter is credited with a safe hit or an extra base hit in accordance with 9-2-2, 9-3-3. Scorers use the term in the following ways:

  1. to indicate the advance of the batter-runner who takes one or more bases when the fielder who handles his batted ball plays on a preceding runner;
  2. to indicate the advance of a runner (other than by stolen base or error) while a fielder is trying to put out another runner; and
  3. to indicate the advance of a runner due to the defensive team’s refusal to play on him (an undefended steal).
October 6, 2019
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