Rule 4 – Section 4 – FORFEITED GAME

Rule 4 – Section 4 – FORFEITED GAME

4-4-1   A game shall be forfeited to the offended team by the umpire when a team:

  1. is late in appearing or in beginning play after the umpire calls “Play.” State associations are authorized to specify the time frame and/or circumstance before a forfeit will be declared for a late arrival by one of the teams; or
  2. refuses to continue play after the game has started; or
  3. delays more than a reasonable amount of time in resuming play, or in obeying the umpire’s order to remove a player for violation of the rules; or
  4. persists in tactics designed to delay or shorten the game; or
  5. willfully and persistently violates any of the rules after being warned by the umpire; or
  6. is unable to provide at least nine players to start the game or cannot provide eight players to finish the game; or
    NOTE 1: An out will be called each time that spot in the batting order comes to bat. If the offensive player must be substituted for after reaching base, the most recent batter not on base is allowed to run for that player.
    NOTE 2: A team playing with fewer than nine players may return to nine players.
  7. on its home field, fails to comply with the umpire’s order to put the field in condition for play.

4-4-2   Score of a forfeited game is 7 to 0 except if the game is forfeited after the number of innings required for a regulation game and the offending team is behind. Then the score remains as recorded. If the offending team is leading, the score shall be 7 to 0.

October 6, 2019
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