Rule 11.00 – 7U & 8U Kid Pitch Rules

Rule 11.00 – 7U & 8U Kid Pitch Rules

11.01 Nine (9) defensive players shall play in the field
11.02 Balk rules shall not apply.
11.03 A batter shall be automatically out on a dropped / missed third (3rd) strike by the catcher.
11.04 Runners shall not advance when the pitcher is on the pitching rubber with the ball in his possession and the catcher is in position to receive a pitch. On a base on balls, the batter may attempt to steal second prior to the pitcher and catcher coming set at his own risk, but if a runner is on third, he may not advance home even if the defense attempts to throw the runner out at second base.
11.05 Runners shall not lead-off but may advance at their own risk (steal) once a pitched ball has passed home plate. When a runner tries to advance prior to the pitched ball passing home plate, the following shall apply:
        Rule 11.05 Approved Ruling: If the runner advances safely, the Umpire shall call “Time” and the runner shall return to the base last legally occupied at the time of the pitch. If the runner is called out, the call shall stand, and the runner is out. If the ball is hit, the defensive team shall have the option of the result of the play or a no pitch.
11.06 Runners shall not advance from third (3rd) base to home unless the runner is batted home or forced by a base on balls, hit batsman, or award from the Umpire. Runners shall not advance from third (3rd) base to home on passed balls, wild pitches or dropped / missed third (3rd) strikes by the catcher.

December 16, 2019
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