Rule 17.00 – Global Sports Baseball

Rule 17.00 – Global Sports Baseball

17.01 Global Sports Baseball shall be governed pursuant to the rules contained within these Official Baseball National By-laws & Rules unless specifically noted otherwise.
17.02 For Global Sports Baseball World Series play ONLY, teams shall be allowed the addition of up to two (2) “write-in” players on their Official Roster.
        17.02.A Write-in players shall not be entered in the USSSA online system but rather “hand written” on the printable version of the team’s Official Online Roster form. For pitching records only, write in players must be added online to the tournaments innings pitched report.
        17.02.B Write-in players are permitted to be frozen to any other classification team and be eligible.
17.03 Global World Series must be entered and paid for online at

December 19, 2019
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