Alek Manoah

Expert Analysis

Manoah Tries to Blow Fair Ball into Foul Ball Territory

Topics: Expert Analysis

The Blue Jays hosted the Astros on June 5, 2023 when Jays pitcher Alek Manoah tried to blow a rolling ball into foul territory in the top of the first inning. As written by Keegan Matheson, “In one of the stranger plays you’ll see this season, Manoah tracked a Jeremy Peña bunt down the third-base…

Expert Analysis

Players Use Detached Equipment to Make Plays

Topics: Equipment

Pitchers Throw Glove Play No. 1 On June 29th the Red Sox and Blue Jays played in Toronto. Boston’s Franchy Cordero led off the top of the third inning facing Alek Manoah. With the infield shifted toward second, the third base area was vacant. Cordero laid down a bunt in the direction of third base….

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