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When May a Fielder Block the Base?

With so many head-first sliding runners in baseball there are more fielders who will drop a knee in front of the base to keep the fielder from touching the bag. Here, however, we are not talking about the home plate collision rule. In this case, we are discussing a play at any base where the […]

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Umpire Interference

There are two types of umpire interference: (1) When a field umpire (the second base umpire) is positioned in front of the infielders and is struck by a batted ball that is not deflected off another fielder, and (2) when the plate umpire interferes with the catcher’s throw in an attempt to retire a runner. […]

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Unusual Triple Play

The Mariners turned their 11th triple play in franchise history in the fourth inning of the July 26 game against the Blue Jays and the play proved to be a rules clinic as multiple rules were involved. The 3-6-2 triple play was reportedly only the second such type triple play in baseball history. Leading, 4-3, […]