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Four Outs in an Inning

The timing play refers to a situation when the runner scores before the third out is made. For example, one out, runners at 1B and 3B. Line drive back to the pitcher is caught for 2nd out, the pitcher wheels and throws the ball to the second baseman who gets the runner in a rundown. Meanwhile, the runner at 3B, was running on the pitch (did not tag up) and scores before the runner in the rundown is tagged for the third out. The defensive team then leaves the field. In this case, the run is counted even though the runner at 3B did not tag up. If the defensive team would have appealed the play by throwing the ball to 3B and tagging the base, a fourth out would have been made and the run would not count.

Note: The defensive team loses the right to appeal when all of its players leave fair territory.

Official Rules of Little League-Level Baseball

7.10 Appeal

Any runner shall be called out, on appeal, when – (a) after a fly ball is caught, the runner fails to retouch the base before said runner or the base is tagged (NOTE: “Retouch” in this rule, means to tag up and start from a contact with the base after the ball is caught. A […]

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2015 Royals Almost Pull Off 4-Out Inning

A confusing play that led to multiple challenges occurred in the top of the seventh inning of the September 27, 2015 game between the Indians and Royals at Kansas City. With runners on the corners and one out, Lonnie Chisenhall lined out to Royals’ pitcher Ryan Madson, who quickly flipped the ball to first baseman […]

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“Fourth Out”

Let’s look at the following play that could have resulted in a “fourth out” appeal when the Tigers and Indians played at Comerica Park on June 24, 2016.

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Game Ends in Appeal

Sunday’s Reds-D’Backs game in Arizona ended in controversy as it involved a rare double appeal to end the inning and a misinterpretation of the rules by the umpires. With the score tied 3-3 in the bottom of the tenth inning, the D’Backs had the bases loaded with one out when Chris Owings hit a shot […]