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Are Laces Part of the Glove?

Anderson Tags Runner with Glove’s Laces The Twins and White Sox played at Target Field on April 12. In the bottom of the third, the Twins had Byron Buxton on first with no outs when he attempted to steal second base. White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson made the apparent tag on Buxton, who was called […]

Official Rules of NCAA-Level Baseball

NCAA 9-2e Note 1, 9-2h

The pitcher may not wear a bandage or other distracting item on his pitching hand or fingers or attach tape or material of a color different from his uniform or glove to his glove, arms or clothing. Distracting tattoos must be covered. [OBR 3.07b: The pitcher may not put on his glove any foreign substance […]

Insider Report

Q&A: Fielder Using First Baseman’s Mitt

Q. The left fielder catches a fly ball for an out, but before the next pitch or attempted play the coach of the offensive team sees that the left fielder is using a first basemen’s glove. Is there any penalty? A. Not really. To begin with, the first baseman may wear a fielder’s glove, but […]