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Tulowitzki Interferes During an Infield Fly Rule Play

The Red Sox and Blue Jays played in Toronto on September 9, 2016. In the bottom of the sixth inning, the Jays had Jose Bautista on second and Troy Tulowitzki on first with one out when Dioner Navarro hit a pop fly several feet in fair territory near first base. It was a classic Infield […]

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Batter-Runner Interference

Rule 5.09 (a) (11): Retiring the Batter The Mariners and Red Sox played at Safeco Field on August 1, 2016. In the bottom of the sixth, Shawn O’Malley dribbled a ground ball in front of the plate. Sox catcher Sandy Leon threw to first baseman Hanley Ramirez. The throw hit off O’Malley, who advanced to third […]

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Baseball’s Confusing Safe Sign 

In the June 17, 2016 game between Seattle and Boston at Fenway Park, the Mariners’ Nelson Cruz avoided a tag at first base and missed the base. Umpire Hunter Wendelstedt called the runner safe. As Cruz was returning to the base he was tagged by Hanley Ramirez, who wisely appealed that Cruz never touched the […]