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Common Instances of Offensive Interference

Interference near home or in the running lane. [Umpire Interpretation 39] Runner or batter-runner deflects the course of a foul ball [Umpire Interpretation 41] Runner(s) intentionally “confuses” the fielder [Umpire Interpretation 42] Offensive player “willfully and deliberately” interferes with or “fails to avoid” a defensive player fielding a batted ball – including in double play […]

Official Rules of Little League-Level Baseball

7.11 Interference with fielder

The players, coaches, or any member of an offensive team shall vacate any space (including both dugouts) needed by a fielder who is attempting to field a batted or thrown ball. PENALTY: Interference shall be called and the batter or runner on whom the play is being made shall be declared out.

Academy Courses

Types of Interference

Instances of Interference: Please see the [Interference, Obstruction, and Base Path Collisions] course for more detail Batter’s interference 6.01(a) A batter might interfere with a catcher’s throw to a base. A batter might interfere with a play at the plate. A batter might interfere with a catcher when his swing follow-through carries around to make contact with […]

Insider Report

Runner Touched by Batted Ball

The Rangers and Red Sox played at Fenway Park on Thursday night (May 21). In the bottom of the fifth, the Sox had Xander Bogaerts on first base and one out when Daniel Nava hit a sharp ground ball between first and second on a hit and run play. Rangers’ second baseman Adam Rosales vacated […]