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Unusual Triple Play

The Mariners turned their 11th triple play in franchise history in the fourth inning of the July 26 game against the Blue Jays and the play proved to be a rules clinic as multiple rules were involved. The 3-6-2 triple play was reportedly only the second such type triple play in baseball history. Leading, 4-3, […]

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Bizarre Play – Passing Runners, Abandonment, or Obstruction?

Perhaps the most bizarre play of the 2015 season occurred at Citi Field on Wednesday night (July 1) where the Mets hosted the Cubs. And in my opinion the umpires did not invoke the proper penalty. From this corner the Mets caught a break. The Mets were batting in the bottom of the eighth with […]

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Two Runners on Same Base

The Pirates hosted the Braves on June 26 when the following play occurred that was reported to by Adam Berry. “Gregory Polanco was on first base, and Jordy Mercer stood at second. Chris Stewart knocked a ground ball deep into the hole, but Braves shortstop Andrelton Simmons stopped it, got up and fired to […]