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How a Batter May be Awarded 3B

Detached Equipment Violations on Batted Balls

If a defensive player deliberately touches a fairly batted ball with detached equipment, all runners, including batter-runner, will be entitled to advance three bases. The violation of the detached equipment rule happens most often when a catcher uses his face mask to scoop a batted ball to help gain control of the ball before throwing to a base. It is often common to see an amateur youth outfielder throw his glove at a batted ball. If the glove makes contact, this is a three base violation.

A catcher uses his mask to scoop a batted ball and violates the detached equipment rule.


Although the fielder throws his glove at a batted ball, he does not violate the detached equipment rule.



Detached Equipment Touching Batted Balls: [Umpire Interpretation 15]