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How Batters Make Outs

Batter outs can take an even wider variety of forms ranging from all types of strikeouts, plays made in the field, instances of interference, batter errors, and incidental rule violations. For more detail on any of these types of outs, please click the corresponding links that follow each. In total, there are a little over twenty ways a batter can be put out. Loosely categorized, those include:


  • Called or swinging strikeouts
    • The batter is out as soon as he receives his third strike provided the catcher holds on to the ball.
  • The batter swings at the third strike and is touched by the ball.
    • If a batter swings and misses at a pitch and the ball touches the batter, it is ruled a strikeout.
  • Bunts foul with two strikes

Plays Made in the Field:

  • Fly outs caught by the other team
  • Ground outs (out at first base)
  • Infield fly balls
  • Fly balls or line drives intentionally dropped by an infielder

Retiring a Runner: [Official Rule 5.09(b)]