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Examples of Batter Errors

Batter or Runner Interference: [Official Rule 6.01(a)]

  • The batter is touched by the throw while running outside the running lane on his way to first base [6.01(a)(11)]
  • The batter enters the batter’s box with an illegal bat [6.03(a)(5)]
  • The batter moves from one batter’s box to the opposite box while a pitcher is ready to start his delivery – which we explain in the Batter’s Box section to follow [6.03(a)(2)]
  • The batter overruns first, makes a move to advance, and is tagged out [5.09(b)(11)]
  • The batter intentionally deflects a batted ball that is in fair territory [5.09(a)(9)] The ball is illegally batted;  the batter is outside the batter’s box [6.03(a)(1)]

Batter Out for Illegal Action: [Official Rule 6.03(a)]

Incidental Violations

  • The bat hits a batted ball for a second time while the ball is over fair territory [5.09(a)(8)]
  • A batter is hit by his own batted ball outside the batter’s box [5.09(a)(7)]

Retiring the Batter: [Official Rule 5.09(a)]