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Penalty for Balk

When a balk is called, the ball stays alive and in play with the idea that the offense should have its opportunity to exploit the pitch.

If a balk is followed by a pitch, the umpire allows the pitch and resulting play by pointing to the pitcher and calling “That’s a balk,” and then getting into position to judge the pitch. If the batter and every runner gets at least his advance base, the balk is nullified and is ignored from that point on. However, if the batter or any runner fails to get his advance base, the umpires will immediately call time and enforce the balk. The batter returns to the batter’s box and assumes the same ball and strike count as before the balk, and all runners are awarded one base from where they were when the pitch was delivered.

Dead Balls: [Official Rule 5.06(c)]

Advancing One Base: [Little League Rule 7.04]

Penalty for Balk: [Umpire Interpretation 49]