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Types of Interference

Instances of Interference: Please see the [Interference, Obstruction, and Base Path Collisions] course for more detail

  • Batter’s interference 6.01(a)
    • A batter might interfere with a catcher’s throw to a base.
    • A batter might interfere with a play at the plate.
    • A batter might interfere with a catcher when his swing follow-through carries around to make contact with the catcher or the ball.
    • A batter might throw his bat (intentionally or otherwise) into the field of play and interfere with a fielder.
  • Spectator interference 6.01(e)
    • Fans or spectators can also be called for interfering if they reach out of the stands or fall into the playing field, effectively impeding a fielder’s ability to make a play. In simple terms, this occurs when a fan – intentionally, unintentionally, or ignorantly – touches a live ball or touches a player and hinders his attempt to make a play on a live ball. When it occurs, the ball is ruled dead and outs are made or bases are awarded, as appropriate, to nullify the outcome of the interference.
  • Offensive interference 6.01(a)
    • An act by the team at bat which interferes with, obstructs, impedes, hinders, or confuses any fielder attempting to make a play.” From the moment a ball is batted and a defender begins to make a play, that defender is granted “protection” until he is able to field it.

Batter Order: [Official Rule 6.01]