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3.08 (1.16) Helmets

3.08 (1.16) Helmets

A Professional League shall adopt the following rule pertaining to the use of helmets:

(a) All players shall use some type of protective helmet while at bat and while running the bases.

(b) All players in National Association Leagues shall wear a double ear-flap helmet while at bat.

(c) All Major League players must wear a single ear-flap helmet (or at the player’s option, a double ear-flap helmet).

(d) All catchers shall wear a catcher’s protective helmet and face mask while receiving a pitch.

(e) All base coaches shall wear a protective helmet while performing their duties.

(f ) All bat /ball boys or girls shall wear a double ear-flap protective helmet while performing their duties.

Rule 3.08 Comment (Rule 1.16 Comment): If the umpire observes any violation of these rules, he shall direct the violation to be corrected. If the violation is not corrected within a reasonable time, in the umpire’s judgment, the umpire shall eject the offender from the game, and disciplinary action, as appropriate, will be recommended.