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Runner Struck by Batted Ball Behind Infielder

The Twins beat the White Sox 8-5 at Target Field on September 1, 2016. In the top of the first, the White Sox had Tim Anderson on first base and one out when Melky Cabrera hit a shot that got by Twins’ first baseman Joe Mauer. The ball then struck Anderson who was behind Mauer […]

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Q&A: Is this a catch?

Q. In a recent game, our third baseman was going back for a pop fly in foul territory, he misread the ball and got turned around a few times which caused him to become off balance. While he was falling to the ground he reached to catch the ball. As he hit the ground on […]

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Ball Gets Lodged in Catcher’s Equipment

Ball Gets Lodged in Catcher’s Equipment In the July 31, 2016 game between the Dodgers and D’backs in Los Angeles, a pitched ball disappeared into the chest protector of Dodgers’ catcher Yasmani Grandal. A fourth-inning curveball in the dirt from pitcher Ross Stripling bounced off Grandal’s mask and into his chest protector. At the time […]

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Fielder Falls into Stands after Making Catch

I think most players know that if they make a catch while being airborne and fall into the stands, or any dead ball area, the catch is legal as long as the fielder can show the ball to the umpire. What many players don’t know is if there are less than two outs, runners on […]

Official Rules of Major League Baseball

5.06 (c) Dead Balls

5.06 (c) Dead Balls The ball becomes dead and runners advance one base, or return to their bases, without liability to be put out, when: (1) A pitched ball touches a batter, or his clothing, while in his legal batting position; runners, if forced, advance; (2) The plate umpire interferes with the catcher’s throw attempting to […]

Umpire Interpretations of Major League Baseball
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19. BATTED BALL STRIKING THE RUNNER Rules 5.06(c)(6) and 6.01(a)(11) [former Rules 5.09(f) and 7.09(k)]: The concept of the runner being in jeopardy after the ball goes past an infielder and strikes the runner in a situation where another infielder still has a chance to make a play on the ball applies ONLY when the […]