Insider Report

Brewers Bat Out of Turn

The Brewers batted out of turn in their 1-0 victory over the Nationals on July 4, 2016. Here is what happened: The official Brewers lineup card handed to the umpires and Nats’ manager Dusty Baker had Jonathan Lucroy batting third, Ryan Braun in the No. 4 slot and Aaron Hill batting fifth. In the bottom […]

Official Rules of Major League Baseball

6.03 (b) (6.07) Batting out of Turn

6.03 (b) (6.07) Batting out of Turn (1)  A batter shall be called out, on appeal, when he fails to bat in his proper turn, and another batter completes a time at bat in his place. (2)  The proper batter may take his place in the batter’s box at any time before the improper batter […]