July 31, 2021

Teammate Interference

when a player not in the play gets involved in the play

Teammate Interference


Thomas Sakiyama

If the catcher had held the ball, the runner was out? However, the audio says called safe since the catcher had dropped the ball. Since the runner missed home plate, should the umpire even indicate safe? I get the interference I’m not sure you indicate safe when the player misses the plate.

Stan Dyer

This is why I continue to constantly study the rules. I find that many players, and even coaches don’t really know the rules that well. A lot of umpires don’t, either.
I had to call a runner out because of the interference of his teammate the other day. The on-deck batter went on to the field to retrieve a bat, but, in doing so, he unintentionally interfered with the catcher trying to make a play on another runner. I had to call it, but the coach came unglued.
Umpires are there to try to keep the game as fair, and even as possible. Knowing the rules helps a lot, but it would be a lot easier if coaches and players spend more time studying the rules, too.

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