Official Rules of NFHS-Level Baseball

NFHS 8-3-2

NFHS 8-3-2/OBR 6.01h2 Every time that a defensive player obstructs a batter-runner or runner, that player must be awarded at least one base beyond the spot where he was obstructed. [OBR: when there is obstruction and a play was not being made on the obstructed runner at the time of the interference, there would be […]

Official Rules of NFHS-Level Baseball

NFHS 2-22-1, 5-1-3, 8-3-2

NFHS 2-22-1, 5-1-3, 8-3-2/MLB 6.01h Obstruction is when a batter or runner has right-of-way and a fielder hinders him. When obstruction happens, the umpire calls it but lets the ball remain in play (do not call “time”). After the play ends the umpires can award any bases that would counteract the obstruction. Every runner who […]