7 or 9 innings?

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    Mark Astolfi
    In August a 4-game series between the Cardinals and Tigers was postponed and only 2 of the games made up. If these games are needed to decide playoff qualifiers, they would be played in Detroit on Monday 9/28, ahead of the start of the playoffs 9/29.

    If only one game is needed, it would be scheduled for 9 innings…if both games are needed, both would be scheduled for 7 innings. But it’s possible they won’t know whether 1 or 2 games are needed until after the first game is played. So is the first game scheduled for 7 or 9 innings? I would say 7, since they are scheduling a doubleheader with the possibility that the second game could be cancelled due to it not effecting the standings, just as the second game could be cancelled due to some other circumstance, such as weather.

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