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    I had a situation occur in a Pony League (OBR) game I was umpiring this weekend that I wasn’t sure how to handle.

    After a walk-off home run, the defensive team claimed the batter missed second base.  Should I then throw a new ball to pitcher, say “play” and allow them to make the appeal at second base?  My confusion is because normally after a walk-off home run the game is over so I wouldn’t put a new ball in play.

    Thanks, any guidance is appreciated.

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      OBR requires a live ball in order to accept an appeal. Rule 5.12(B) states “After the ball is dead, play shall be resumed when the pitcher takes
      his place on the pitcher’s plate with a new ball or the same ball in his possession and the plate umpire calls “Play.” The plate umpire
      shall call “Play” as soon as the pitcher takes his place on his plate with the ball in his possession.”  There is no reference to the batter being needed in making the ball “live” so you may do this action with just the defense.  Once you have made the ball “live” the defense can initiate a proper appeal that the BR missed 2nd base and his run will be disallowed, and others, if applicable.
      After a home run, I have seen the umpire give the catcher a new ball once the batter has passed home plate (missing the plate) and is on his way to the dugout, clearly making no attempt to touch home plate. Can the catcher then step on home plate and tell the umpire the batter missed home plate? Is this legal method of appeal and, if so, what rule covers it. I could not find anything!
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