Balk? Catchers back? Illegal pitch? Ball?

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    If a catcher jumps in front of the plate to catch a ball being pitched by the pitcher to then try to them throw to first to get an out at first but by jumping in front of the plate making it so the batter Couldnt swing is that legal?

    I’ve heard balk, catchers balk, illegal pitch, it’s just a ball.
    The pitcher pitched the ball… catcher stands up and jumps in FRONT of the plate to catch it and throws it to first to try to get an out at first.
    Again The pitcher full on pitched the ball and the ball did not cross the plate as the catcher jumped up in Front of the plate to catch it 😬 the batter was in shock that the catcher was in front of him and luckily didn’t swing or he would have knocked the catcher out.
    What should this be ruled as?

    11u super league baseball

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