Batter’s Box Triangles

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    Dennis Davidowski
    Is the entire batter’s box in foul territory? What about the small triangle close to home plate for both the right and left handed hitters? The foul lines define the size of these triangles as they run to the 45 degree slanted part of home plate. Is this fair or foul territory? Supposedly, the batter is protected in the batter’s box should the ball hit him and thus it is a foul ball. But , what if the ball does not hit him and lands in these little triangles? Is it fair or foul?  Right before home plate and adjacent to the two triangles is fair territory.  Comments?
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      Daniel Wroblewski
      • No, the entire batters box is not in foul territory.
      • The little small triangle is in fair territory (if I understand correctly). More precisely, fair/foul territory is defined by fair/foul line and not affected by batter’s box.
      • If the ball settles in this area, it is fair.
      • If while starting to run to first he hits the ball, I believe he would be safe and the ball foul, as long as the umpire did not think it intentional. The rule is if “his fair ball touches him before touching a fielder” and I would think that if the ball settles on the ground, and he runs into it, this is a foul ball. But I could see others interpreting as interference.
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