Batting Championship Qualifier

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    Mark Astolfi
    To qualify for the batting title, a player must have plate appearances totaling 3.1 times games scheduled, which in a normal season would be 162, and this season if they get to the playoffs would be 60. If they don’t complete the season, what would be the qualifying number? Maybe they wouldn’t even bother with a batting champion.

    But it got me thinking about the batting leaders you see daily in the newspaper or on-line. Presumably these are qualifiers, but based on what number of games scheduled? I looked back at schedules for 2019 up to and including the games of April 30 for the American League…teams had from 28 to 33 games scheduled, although as you might expect not all had been played. It seems to me the fairest thing would be to base it on the smallest number, in this case 28…but does anybody know how they do it for sure? 

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