can a little league official overrule an umpire and restart a game that ended?

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    please help. i’m trying to gather some information before i reach out to the district regarding a playoff game (local league is ignoring me). my position is that the league official was incorrect in counting the run and i can’t find the rule that gives the league official the authority to restart a game that ended. sorry its long.
    background information
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  • Top of the 6th, Team A was up by one run with the bases loaded against us
  • Hitter grounds to 2nd base and 2nd baseman tags the runner going from 1st to 2nd
  • The ump did not see the tag
  • The kid tagged out walks off the field
  • Ump calls him out for walking out of the baseline and off the field
  • Runner from 3rd to home does not score because of the 3rd out
  • Ump calls the game, Team A win
  • Both teams line up, shake hands and the boys run off to the snack shack
  • However, after some time passes, a league official inserts himself (without protest or request for his assistance from either coaches, families or umpire) and overrules the umpire and cause a game that ended correctly to restart and altered the final result of the game.
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  • League official said that the tying run should have scored. Brings the ump back from the street and meets with both Coaches
  • This league official says the run counts, 3 outs, tie ball game and the Team A have to play the bottom of the 6th
  • Team A doesn’t score any in the bottom of the 6th. Team B scores runs in the top of the 7th and we don’t score any in the bottom of the 7th so other team wins the game
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