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    What are the guidelines used by umpires to determine if a batter held up on a check swing or not?
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      Chris Welsh
      Unfortunately, when you see a checked swing at a game, you hear someone yell, “he broke his wrists” or “his bat passed the front of the plate.” I know the rule describes a swing as the batter making an attempt to offer at the pitch, but umpires have to use some physical guidelines. I’d like to know what different umpires use to judge whether a batter actually makes an attempt to hit the pitch. Thanks.


      Brady Hood
      For me, if I am behind the plate, It would need to be obvious for me to call that. If it is a 50/50 ball though on the edge of the zone, Im calling it a strike 100% of the time, not on the checked swing but on the pitch. They need to be swinging. Base umpires have the better angle on checked swings. When i am working bases, A is the best to be picky. I look at the angle of the bat, if it comes past perpendicular to the line, he went. B and C it’s tough cause the angle, so unless even his mother knew he went, im not calling it.
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