Collision at 2nd Base on Pick Off play

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    Runner at 2nd base, Pitchers turns to pick-off, runner takes two steps and then collides with the Short Stop who is standing between the runner and the base, the Pitcher did not make a throw.

    Is this obstruction by the short stop or is the runner in the wrong here?

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      Since no throw was made, this is obstruction without an attempted play.  You would “award” the runner after all action has ceased the bases to which would nullified the obstruction.  In this case, returning to 2nd base.  However, had the pitcher thrown the ball, t

      his would be obstruction on the SS with an attempted play.  As such, you would call “time” and award the runner one base beyond the base last legally required which, in this case, would be 3rd base.

      It’s obstruction by the short stop, since without a throw he cannot be in the act of fielding. See the comment regarding 6.01 (h) in the OBR.
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