Earned run to the wrong pitcher at the Olympics?

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    Vincenzo Russo
    I’ve just watched the olympic baseball match USA vs Israel (8-1) and after reading the boxscore, I probably found an error by the official scorer. All happened in the top of the 8th inning; that’s what it is reported by the play-by-play of the game:

    USA Inning 8
    – FILIA Eric singled to right field.
    LEICHMAN Alon to play pitcher for ISR substituting LIPETZ Shlomo.
    – Ball. FILIA Eric stole second base, FILIA Eric to second base.
    – KOLOZSVARY Mark grounded out to first base, unassisted. FILIA Eric to third base.
    – STARLING Bubba grounded out (1 RBI), pitcher to first base. FILIA Eric scored.
    – ALLEN Nick flied out to center field.

    I suppose the earned run is responsability of Lipetz, but the official scorer imputed the ER to the substitute pitcher Leichman (who retired the 3 batters faced), I missed anything there?


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      Vincenzo Russo
      <p style=”text-align: left;”>Problem solved, the Official Scorer amended the first report. ER to Lipetz.</p>
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